I was at a Waldorf  School curriculum presentation last night. They place a lot of attention on teaching according to a child’s developmental stage. There is good scientific evidence supporting the idea that during the first seven years of life, children are wired to survive and make choices based on imitation of those around them. Hello mirror, there you are…. again.

It is a tough job being transparent to the all seeing of a child. What this means for me is working on walking the talk with the kids. Pausing and looking more at what I do, and the genuine affect it has on my children. It is scary the power we have in molding these little people.

My dear friend, and date for the Waldorf night, saw this clearly. She is afraid to put the following quote on her fridge: “Am I worthy of imitation?” And frankly, so am I. Google “am i worthy of imitation” and you get umpteen references to the bible. From what I’ve been told though, nothing associated with God is easy.